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Legacy Modernization

Platform re-engineering to be digitally relevant

About Legacy Modernization

Traditional software is an integral part of almost all organizations, irrespective of size and segment of business. With the rapidly changing technology quotient, industries opt for upgrading to the most modern advancements, to experience a better-quality output. Our legacy modernization practices help organizations reengineer / migrate from their legacy systems to modern setups like cloud, web etc.

Our well-defined processes begin with a thorough assessment of user requirements along with their existing IT infrastructure. Prior to modernizing / migrating legacy apps, we perform a detailed analysis of reusing the existing code and infrastructure, analyzing risk areas, understanding the main goal of legacy migration, customer needs etc. Based on that, our detailed project plan is worked upon, considering all major aspects like security, resources, skills, quality etc.

There are multiple factors that need to be ascertained prior to legacy modification such as business issues, application features, environmental diversity, functional augmentation limits, smooth transition, goal alignment with organization and budget / time constraints.

Some of the major legacy modernization competencies are:

  • Restructuring, retransforming and reengineering apps
  • Integrating enterprise apps
  • Transitioning from older platforms to newer ones
  • Graphical user interface migration
  • Introducing different delivery models like SaaS, PaaS etc…

Our legacy modernization experts have garnered experience and expertise with the distinctions of modifying legacy data and systems into state-of-the-art sorts, keeping inline, the basic objective, security and correctness of information.

Our Esteemed Clientele

What better than our esteemed customers, world over to showcase our skills, dedication and expertise. Here are some of the organizations who have successfully implemented IT solutions and services, offered by us :​

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