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RMS is a technology-driven waste management solution

It helps businesses manage their waste collection, transportation and recycling activities efficiently.

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Sakshi Infotech Solutions introduces the recycle management system software (RMS) which is a one point software solution to empower and drive waste management companies drive their business operations in a seamless and digital manner.
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The RMS benefit to Customers

  • Automatic inward / outward if kaanta attached to system
  • Even if they are using normal weighing machine it can be connected to the RMS software with a little intervention
  • Invoicing can be done for both purchase and sales transactions
  • Single inward entry gets them to do all process till invoicing
  • Successful integration with the Tally interface
  • Approval workflow for all inward / outward transactions
  • Option to enter the PO of clients
  • Rate changing options for faster settling of accounts
  • 12 hours support channel
  • Sales professional currently 3 no's for market access

Meeting the increasing needs of the paper / paperboard industry

With paper and paperboard demand growing at an average rate of 7.8 per cent per annum, the industry is expected to meet an annual requirement of 22.0 million tons of paper and paperboard by 2025, which is a quantum leap from the current level of over 10.11 million tons.

At this growth rate, the share of RCF/WP-based industry would increase from the current level of 47 percent to 53 per cent by 2025, thus contributing an average production of around 11.7 million tons in total paper and paperboard production. This would eventually require an additional RCF/WP requirement of 9.3 million tons as a raw material.

Our growth plan

  • Multi office marketing and support across India
  • Accessing the Large and Medium operators parallel across states (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu)
  • Create a centralized support cell with 24*7*365 day operations
  • Multi office operations to be initiated in the first phase itself to have continuity in the sales and support channels

Share with us your business requirements and team SIS will send you a competitive quote.

Our Esteemed Clientele

What better than our esteemed customers, world over to showcase our skills, dedication and expertise. Here are some of the organizations who have successfully implemented IT solutions and services, offered by us :​

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  • Vimal Paper Pvt Ltd Logo
  • Green Papers Logo
  • Khatri Papers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ganesh Trading